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Fire Extinction Ball: New Trend in Fire Protection

Fire Extinction Ball

Fire Extinction Ball will be the first self activating handheld extinguishing device available commercially in the Nigeria market. Fire Extinction Ball is truly a major technological breakthrough, which will rapidly become established as an industry standard in the fire protection market due to the compelling benefits it offers

The problem of the old type of fire extinguishers

Generally, old types contain heavy weight which if the user need to get close  to incident point with proximity of  about 1.5 meter or  6 feet to extinguish  fire, it is often not safe for the user because of their heavy weights. Moreover, in the event of fire, in order to effectively extinguish the fire, the user has to aim the base of the fire. It becomes a problem if the fire escalates and spread very rapidly, this might endanger the life of the user

Benefits of Fire Extinction Ball

  • Ease to use – Minimal training costs, no pins, and no moving or mechanical parts.
  • Compact and light weight -it’s only 1.3 kg. per ball
  • Self-activating even without anyone present in the event of fire
  • Greater Safety for users – No need to face dangerous flames and gases at close ranges
  • No false alarms, or tampering – can’t be activated without fire
  • Flexible, aesthetic design and simple installation – tabletop or wall mount
  • No inspection and maintenance requirement for life span of the product – Shelf life of 5 years
  • Lower Total Cost of protection over the life span of the product
  • One fireball could be used to extinguish class A,B,C and E fires

Manual usage in extinguishing fire

  • Have the ball always placed at the visible and accessible place.
  • In the event of fire throw/roll the ball into the fire from a safe distance.
  • It self-activates after contacting fire up to 3 – 10 sec. and extinguishes the starting fire.
  • If requires, throw more fire extinction balls into the fire.

How to use a fire ball to extinguish a fire

Automatic usage

  • Install fire extinction balls 10 – 30 cm above the place with a high risk of fire origin. (Garages, kitchens, places in vicinity of fire-places, electric circuit breakers, outlets, etc.)
  • Be sure that an arrow on the product package is always directed upwards.
  • The agent self-activates after contacting fire, it gives a warning audio signal and extinguishes the starting fire.

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